Thursday, 28 July 2016

OK! lets talk SPLIT ENDS!!!
Split ends start within 6 to 8 weeks!!

If the hair is not cut by 8 weeks, This is what is happening at the bottom of the hair. 

(curtesy of Megs Kavanaugh)

Fine hair will split in 6 weeks.
Medium hair will split in 7 weeks.
Coarse hair will split in 8 weeks.

This is why your stylist will recommend you do not go months without a hair cut. Ever seen someone with long hair but the ends looks thin and straggly, this is because part of the hair breaks off.

Want to let it grow??

Your hair grows about 1/2 inch per month. (take a look at your regrowth in a month next time you get a colour. that will show you how much you grew!!) If you come in at 7-8 weeks and we trim off a mere 1/4", (or a dusting even is good at the 5- 6 week mark) you still have gained 3/4 of hair! Add that up over a year and you will see that you are still gaining length while keeping your hair healthy!

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