Thursday, 1 August 2013


I'm not sure if you noticed, but holy cow, it's August!! I'm not really sure where the month of July went! I hope whatever it found you doing you enjoyed yourself. 

Hair and Aesthetic Services
I have added a few services to my menu, as well as adjusted my price list slightly, so please check out my website at www.heather-lynn.ca . During the last month I have added, DetoXsoak foot soak services as a stand alone or added to your pedicure, And basic air brush make-up application. These services compliment the hair, aesthetics and target area Body wrap services I have been providing. You can book appointments through E-Mail, or by phone or text. Please note that your appointment is not booked until you have received a confirmation message if you are booking through E-Mail or text.
I am also still doing at Home non-Chemical services on the second Tuesday of the month. These do for the most part need to be booked in advance
Hair tip for the month!!
 Don’t forget to give your hair some love this summer! After all that time in the sun and pool it can take its toll on your tresses. I have some great Matrix products to help revitalize your hair and a full conditioning treatment is a great way to help boost your hair and scalp health.

To all of those signed as Loyal Customers through It Works! This is a great time to change your auto shipment for the coming month. If you need help, or have any questions about any of the products, the direct It Works! retail link is http://freeman.myitworks.com, Or contact me. This is also the page to use to sign into your account. If you have misplaced your account number, get a hold of me for it. 
This is also the place to look for information on joining the Loyal customer program with It Works! through me. Let me know if you want information about this amazing program and it’s customer perks.
You can also place retail purchases from It Works!, through me, at the link above.
Health tip!!
Supplements and alternative therapies can take longer to really take effect, and in all likely hood, you may not really notice the change since it will be gradual. Supplements and Alternative healing therapies are trying to help your body change for the better rather then just force your body to act a certain way.  Be consistent, patient, and remember that all supplements (as with all medications) should be taken with full comfort and knowledge on what you are using.
For those interested I have several dates still open this coming month for wrap parties. These are a great reason to get together, try a new product and have some fun! Host a wrap party and you can earn your wrap for free!
We hope you are enjoying your summer. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

Yours in Health 
Heather-Lynn and Todd

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