Saturday, 1 June 2013


June Newsletter

Hello all!! 

It's an exciting day at It Works with the offical launch of the new enhanced orange greens and a new Berry flavour greens!! ALSO just in case that wasn't enough, a new Value added size!!

Here are the product information sheets for both the new enhanced orange and the Berry greens. 

If you are currently on auto-Ship, First, Thank you for your continued Buisness.

Also Please go ahead and sign into your account and make sure to adjust your auto-ship order for the month. I also highly reccomend adjusting your Auto ship date to the 15th or earlier. Not only does it give us time to catch credit card glitches that can easily happen, (I forgot to update my CC info last month!) but shipping does tend to be a bit quicker and if you need to contact customer service or Product coach, you spend less time waiting for a response!

If I can help you in anyway, Please contact Me at 705 876 8161 or by E-Mail at info@heather-lynn.ca

Yours in health,
Heather-Lynn and Todd