Wednesday, 11 June 2014

New 90 Challenge Wellness Participant!!

I am alway excited when one of my amazing customers decides to challenge themselves to a new wellness goal, and I am always honoured to be a part of that journey. 

Thank you Jai for sharing your journey with us!!

Check back to follow Jai on her way to reach her wellness goals. You can find her posts easy by clicking on her name in the label section.

June 1st: 
So I guess this is Day 1 I wrapped ( my stomach) for my second time. I'm already seeing results that I love, I feel better about my body and now feel more empowered to take better care and get my body into even better shape :) 

                                 June 4th:
Well today is 72 hours after my second wrap. My results are amazing I'm so happy and not only that but my skin itself seems be healthier and better so that's an added bonus to they way I feel. It was encouraged me to start working out and to love my body again. 

June 11th:

I wrapped my hips three days ago and have lost an inch, but have not been working out as my baby(9months) has been not feeling very good the past few days. But hopefully he gets over it and I can try and add a small easy workout to my daily routine 

Do you have questions about this line? Want to begin your own 90 day challenge? It's all about lifestyle!! comment below to cheer Jai on, or for more information. also, contact me by E-Mailing me at info@heather-lynn.ca

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