Monday, 16 June 2014

How to start your Business with Itworks!

Do you feel like you have no time in your day? Are you looking something different?
If I told you I had a way for  you to earn money without changing what you are doing now, would you be interested??
This business opportunity is rewarding.  The system is called the Steps to success. Know what? Anyone can do it. Would you feel good about helping someone you know be healthy? Lose weight? Gain confidence? Get in shape?

I have a simple business concept to show you! No quotas, No sales goals, and the best part is, you don’t have to have any inventory or a large investment to start!

you don't have to be a sales person, all we do is SHARE our results and get Paid!

How to Build your Business.
There are several ways to earn money with this business following our Steps to success!!

Join the business for $99.00 (USD) This includes your website for the first month, 4 wraps, marketing materials, and free online training. You qualifiy for commission by ordering at least 80 volume in product each month, of which you can use or turn around and sell those products, or create your story by using them yourself!

Gather 4 loyal customers. They order online and the product is delivered directly to their home!!! Do you know 4 people that would be customers and buy any product at the wholesale price? 
If you get 4 people in your first 30 days you will get $120.00 in product credit PLUS 2 wrap rewards!!!
Do you know 3 friends that you would love to do this too??

You will earn monthly commission from their efforts and earn weekly bonuses when you teach them to complete these same 3 steps.

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