Friday, 17 January 2014

New product and Website launch with IT Works!

Well, it has been an exciting day!
The big It works! conference in Tampa has brought forth some amazing changes!

First and foremost, the new It works online store looks amazing! Check it out here .

Second and of real interest for those of you who are already Loyal customers. Or for those thinking about it, and wondering What else is in it for you besides the amazing discounts, and Perks points, and amazing customer service,

The Loyal Customer program has a referral program!! 
Now, you get that same great shopping experience,  But you also get your own landing page!
 as well as a confirmation page AND $10 for socially sharing What you just did when you choose your Media!!! 
 you get the option of a free box of wraps OR  35 perks points. Your choice!  If you refer someone to it works through your landing page!

It Works has also done a complete redo on the skin care line, and announce the standards they are following. It works has gone beyond just being organic and are following the same standards that are followed for skin care products in Sweden and Norway.  The new line is looking fantastic in it's new packages that is also now completely recyclable!

Along with the news of news of the new packaging comes new products 

I had heard rumour of and am glad to see coming out. the new greens chews, for antioxidant and probiotic support. I'm sure the blueberry will be fantastic and I know I am excited to try this new product! It's already added to my next order!!

Also added to the line is Hair, Nails and Skin. it is a supplement. As a hairstylist, I hear lots of complaints about the brittleness of peoples hair, skin and nails, so I am really happy to see something come out to help nourish these!

The conference isn't over yet, so join me on my Fb page here, to keep up to date. Or just pop back over here to this blog!

I hope you are all as excited about the new changes as I am! Please feel free to get a hold of me at info@heather-lynn.ca if I can provide you with more information about any of the products. or to get help placing your order. If you were sent to this page to check out announcements or testimonials by another Distributor. I am sure they would be more then happy to assist you as well.

If you are interested in Joining the exciting team of It Works Distributors who are helping to make a difference in the lives of their families, and helping others do the same, Please contact me about getting information on getting started.

Thanks for your time

yours in health and wellness

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