Tuesday, 5 November 2013

My It Works! Testimonial.

Hi!!I figured since others have been brave enough to share their stories with me, It was my turn to share mine. sorry for the bathroom photo's. It's the only room in my house I had a full length mirror and I didn't want anyone else taking the photos!!

I have been using the products daily since January 2013. 

After having 3 babies within 4 1/2 years, I was feeling rough. And tired. And not in the body I was used to. I was always pretty lucky to not get many stretch marks on my body, but my breasts were a mess from having nursed 4 babies. I work from home, homeschool my kids, and work 4 hrs a week outside of the home. 

In January I join the It Works program.

I was a bit skeptical that this would actually work for me. I researched the products for about 2 weeks before I joined. At this point, I hadn't even been wrapped yet. Taking new vitamins and supplements makes me a bit nervous since I tend to have a sensitive system. 

My first wrap With the Ultimate Body applicator, not going to lie, I wasn't completely impressed. I know my sister had had a water loss wrap with great results for a few hundred dollars, And her results reversed within a week. so I figured I was still ahead of the game. And knowing that I didn't get all stretched out if shape in a day, or even a year, I put on another a few weeks later. In the mean time, I had started on the greens (in orange. Still my preference) and the multivitamin (It's Vital), which surprisingly didn't upset my stomache at all. 
This is the time I notice a significance difference in the way my clothes fit. I grabbed a pair of pants I hadn't been able to get on since the first of my grouped together kids and they went on. Comfortably. No sucking in required! The way I felt with my energy starting to return, and with the way my body was shaping had me completely sold. Unfortunately, I didn't understand at that time how vital before and after photos were at that time. So I have no photos of these wraps. 
I have wrapped my tummy a few times since as well. My results have not reversed. my last tummy wrap was several months ago.

At this point I will not be using any other product lines! I have been using the It's Vital now for 10 months continuously. As well as the greens. Every year for as long as I can remember, I have gotten sinus infections once or twice a year and colds so horrid I was hardly able to function for a week at a time. My mom would have to come take the kids for a day so I could sleep and my husband would spend his days off trying to keep the kids quiet so I could rest.  So far, in the last 10 months I had the sniffles for one day. I also have alopicia. I have not had one issue since I've started taking these.

 I also use the fat fighters when I eat stuff I know I shouldn't. Or something so yummy I need that one more bite. Fortunately for me, that usually isn't very often. I eat a pretty healthy diet and am vegetarian. I do however have a weak spot for breads and pastas. This is why I love the fat fighters! 

I use the New You on and off. Mostly only because I always forget to take it. I don't like to take too much at the same time. I try to leave at least an hour between supplements. My priority is the It Vital and the greens. So, sometimes they get missed. 

I also have the Confianza. I love this one. I was on vacation a few months ago. I have great anxiety when it comes to flying and crowded spaces. So, maybe not the best person to take to a major amusement park. I truly believe, thanks to this product I was able to handle going. 

I also use the defining gel a few times a week all over. I knew it was working when after using it for a month, one of my very closest friends was over while I was wearing a slightly low cut top and said to me, "Hey, your stretch marks on your boobs look way better!" She didn't know I was using anything on them. I wish I had before and afters of them... But I felt weird taking boob shots. AND I certainly wouldn't be posting them online.

This photo was of my first thigh wrap. I used one cut in half. I was very happy with my results. This was taken in March '13. I had tummy wrapped 3 times before this. 

This is my bum wrap photo. I used two wraps. One in each cheek. As you can probably tell from this photo the wrap is long enough to come up my sides a bit. As much as I'm not all for posting my butt on the Internet, this is awesome! 

 I'm not saying this will work like this for everyone. I work out the odd time, but certainly not weekly, and I'm embarrassed to say hardly bi-weekly. This wasn't an instant fix. Nothing is. The wraps do a great job helping with the tighten tone and firming, But the rest of the products I use consistently are doing the hard work. I do chase 4 kids around. Eat reasonably and drink a ton of water. We are not fast food people. A lot of our food is made from scratch. 

I am so happy with the way I feel. To me that is worth more then anything. I am so glad I decided to follow my gut and go for this. And stick with it. I am thankful for the support in my journey to a healthy me. 

Thanks for reading!

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