Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Want to start your own wellness challenge?

Why? Because it Works!

Are you looking for some motivation to get on track? Whether it is an increase in energy, a desire to take care of yourself, workout recovery, weight loss and body contouring, pain or stress relief, peri or post menopausal symptom relief, you are welcome to join in on our challenge.

The requirements are simple. Commit to yourself for 3 month. Place a first order, and then one order a month for 2 more months. Use the products. Really use them. What ever ones you want or feel compelled to use. Then, let me know what you think of them. you can video diary them, write it out and I'll post it here for you. As much or as little are you want to share. Your real name... or  not.

Over the last few weeks, if you have been following us here you know, Elle and Julie are sharing their journey's. Sometimes in a deeply personal way. I am so proud of them. I'll let you in on a little secret. I am finding them to be a little more then a little inspiring. I have an intense enjoyment of helping others. I love doing hair, Because I know it makes people feel good and I love listening to their stories. I greatly enjoy my reiki, because I understand how great it is for someone. I have loved It works! from the moment I started using the products, but what makes me intensely passionate about these products is following up and hearing the stories of those who these products are helping. If you would like info on the products or to join in please feel free to contact me at info@heather-lynn.ca or by text at 705 876 8161 for your no pressure info. Not  local? Not a problem. All your product get shipped right to your door and I can talk you through every thing over the phone or online. I also have a great team that may be local to you that can help you out.

Are you as passionate as I am about helping others reach their goals? Are you looking for a supplemental income? want to combine your passion with the ability to earn in a company that is still new and has great potential and amazing bonuses? Contact me at the above number and e-Mail and we can chat about it.

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