Friday, 11 October 2013

Elle Post #4

Here's another post from Elle. Her and Julie have decided to do this wellness challenge during 2 huge holiday seasons. Here's to both of them for all the hard work they are putting in to follow their roads to wellness on their terms!!

Im going into Thanksgiving weekend at 148lbs. I managed to lose the couple of pounds I gained from falling off the wagon in my last blog. Hopefully this thanksgiving weekend wont be a complete write off. My thermo fit arrived last night so I'm really excited to start that. I did start it last night and was really pleased that I didn't have any side effects. ( I was worried about it causing heart palpitations and increasing my headaches. Both are things I have usually)
I guess I haven't yet actually posted what my eating in a day looks like. So Ideally it looks like this:
I am not hungry for breakfast, so this is why I eat so little.
8am: Itworks defining gel lotion 1 thermo fit (started this last night) Either half a muffin(points unknown), a little fruit(0 points) or 1 slice of weight watchers toast(1point)
9am: 1 medium Tim Hortons black coffee- 0 points
1045: Water bottle with 2 scoops (I serving) of greens suppliments- 0 points
1130am: 1 thermo fit supplement 1 it works protein shake made with water- Up to 2 points (this is because 1 full scoop is 2 points, but sometimes I put in a little less)
Then I will probably have 1 bottle of water every hour or so from about 1230 until bedtime. I try to drink this much anyways lol Sometimes I drink less if I feel too full and like I might be sick. Sometimes water does that.
For dinner (time varies between 5-7 depending on whats going on)
1 thermo fit supplement 15 minutes prior to eating. 1 fat fighter supplement an hour after eating. At this point with breakfast and lunch combined, I may have eaten at most 4 points ( 2pts lunch shake and at most 2 pts for the muffin if I eat that) So in my mind, that means I have 22 points worth of dinner to eat:D So generally I will eat whatever I want because that's a lot of points to eat through.
Some things I might eat for dinner:
-Pasta with spaghetti sauce, maybe meat sauce or Alfredo sauce -Chicken with vegetables, maybe broccoli cheese rice (sidekicks kind) -Hot sausages from Costco and maybe veggies or rice(broccoli and ccheese sidekicks kind) -maybe steak and veggies (well done) -We may go to a restaurant, order pizza or some other kind of fast food.
Anyways, back to the actual blog. I haven't ate the best this week even though I had some weight gain from last week. We have treats in our house right now, so we had cookies the other day, chips and last night we had some of the leftover pie. I don't buy treats that way I don't eat them. I blame my boyfriend for this one. He is the snacker and I am guilty of no willpower lol I do take 2 fat fighters before eating this snack food though. Im disappointed again that its been hard to stick to proper eating this week. I also only managed to use the elliptical one day this week. But im off today and plan to do it today and on the weekend.
Heather keeps telling me people are following our blogs so one thing that keeps me motivated is that I know people are reading, and I feel like they are counting on me to do well and prove to them that this itworks system works. So this keeps me motivated.
I must confess, that I am really nervous about it being thanksgiving weekend. My favorite part of thanksgiving is the potatoes and gravy, stuffing and dessert. Especially stuffing, its beyond my favorite. And typically what happens, is that everyone always eats until they burst. Me included haha!! Hopefully the thermo fit and the excersize helps the over eating and hopefully when its all said and done, I at least stay the same weight- no gain or loss. I have one dinner to go to sunday night and a thanksgiving breakfast Monday morning. I am also going to do a wrap before these weekend festivities start!
Wish me luck!


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