Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Elle post #3

Elle, we are all cheering for you!! You can do it!! So glad you two are leaning on each other for support!

I was so excited about how awesome I was doing with Heather's 90 day challenge. And then the weekend came. And then not only did I fall off the wagon, but then the wagon ran me over. Then backed up and ran me over again.
This weekend consisted of pizza, breakfast buffet at marks finer diner, pie, ice cream sandwiches, a bag of crackers, chips and that was enough to gain back all the weight I lost this week. I should know better because the second I deviate from "good" eating it shows on the scale the next day. So needless to say I'm super disappointed in myself. Even though a little bit here and there over the weekend didn't seem so bad, as it turned out it was. Seriously, who was supposed to be supervising me this weekend? They are officially fired.
But today is a new day, so not only is my plan to lose the weight I put on this week, but to lose a bit more. I was facebooking "Julie" the other 90 day challenge girl this weekend. I decided I will try the thermo fit in my supplement regime. I didn't get them at first because I'm prone to headaches and heart palpitations with other brands of this type of metabolism booster. Julie said that she didn't have any side effects. So I decided I will try it. I ordered it and now I will impatiently wait.
I also decided that I will start using my elliptical again *shudders* to try to speed up the weight loss process. My goal will be 30 minutes a day. And I will do it in front of my tv. I absolutely HATE exercise and the Itworks program was working for me without it. It doesn't give me more energy and I don't enjoy it. But because I decided that take out and ice cream was a good idea this weekend, my consequence is the elliptical.
Hopefully week 2 will end better than my first week did. Just in time for thanksgiving


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