Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Elle Post #1

Here is the first post by  Elle.   Thank you Elle for taking us on this journey with you.

was skeptical at first about trying the Itworks wraps. Usually, the results are from people doing other things besides the wraps. So when they were on for $25 just to try, I figured I didn't have much to lose. I had been following weight watchers for a little while and managed to lose about 18lbs so far. Heather told me I had to lay off the diet coke and crystal light to get the best results. So I did.

I tried my first wrap for itself when I was about 155 lbs. I saw some results from the wrap after the 45 minutes but nothing drastic. I was really happy that the saggy "bum stomach" as I call it (from having babies) seemed to shrink . So that little bit of change was enough to make me less skeptical. I wanted to try the protein shakes from Itworks as well so when this 90 day challenge came up, I was happy to try it. I ordered my Profit pack and impatiently waited for the products to arrive.
In the meantime I followed my weight watchers and stopped drinking aspartame, and lost another couple of pounds. I think it may have been aspartame bloat that finally went away. FINALLY on Monday this week, my package arrived. I had fat fighter pills before my dinner and also had a bottle of water with the greens in it. I then inhaled a ridiculous amount of Chinese food and hoped for the best.
Because Im ridiculous, I weigh myself every morning. If I keep my good eating on track, my weight either stays the same or goes down a fraction of a pound. (I have decimals on my scale) The slight change keeps me motivated. SO this tuesday morning after gorging on Chinese food, my weight actually went down. It said I was 150.8lbs. Clearly I was super excited about this. I had green's that day, a shake for lunch and before dinner I weighed again. I was down to 150.6lbs. Even sweeter! I took more fat fighters ate left over chinese food and fries, and did another wrap Tuesday night.
So this morning, I got on the scale and to my surprise I went down to 149lbs!! Clearly i'm super excited, and a believer now that these fat fighting pills must work. Otherwise eating that much Chinese SHOULD have increased my weight by a lb or 2, or at best stayed the same. Hopefully after I eat some greasy assed grilled cheese with a pound or so of cheese, the fat fighters still work.
*I should mention that I cheat on weight watchers. By cheating, I mean I eat fruit for breakfast because im not hungry then, and I eat fruit for lunch or cut up veggies. I figure if I eat 0 points all day I will eat whatever I want for dinner Its probably abuse of the program, but I don't care lol. Lately Ive been eating half a banana muffin (made with applesauce instead of sugar) for breakfast and I still have a black coffee in the morning.*
*I should also mention that because I'm cheap, and want to make this small bag of protein powder last as long as I can, I actually only put in half a scoop. It still does the trick, curbing my hunger but it tastes disgusting all diluted. I added a bit of vanilla extract but it didn't make it much better. I bet it would be fine mixed with milk instead of water, but I'm trying to save the weight watchers points. Also, the greens are less than tasty also, but im choking them down for the cause. *


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