Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Elle #6

Here's another post by Elle!

Ok so after the horrifying last blog I shamlessly posted here is the next!

So the prune juice didn't work after all. Im assuming the irregularity is seriously hurting my progress because I managed to jump quickly from the 148 back up to 150 in no time. After almost a week of prune juice and NOTHING I took myself into the walmart pharmacy. The lady was stunned at the lack of progress from the prune juice. So she shows me the stuff you use for colonoscopy cleansing. 1/4 to half the bottle for a laxative a full bottle for a colonoscopy. It also said if there is no action from this stuff call your doctor because you have a serious issue. So needless to say, there was no action so I was forced to consume the ENTIRE bottle. That got things going! I have been taking laxitives daily since to help move things until I can get into my doctor. This shit just isn't right.
But I have been using my elliptical this week and its also helping. This morning I was 145.4lbs. I have been losing ounces daily it seems which is very motivating. I can fit into my dress pants from last year which is really encouraging.  
I am still taking the suppliments but I'm out of wraps. I think the things that are working the best for me are the fat/carb fighters. Im down 5lbs since starting the 90 day challenge. It doesn't seem like much, but I've gained and lost the same 5 lbs a few times now! My first goal is to get down to 140lbs. And I know, I know what some of you are probably thinking. "whats the skinny girl doing, trying to lose weight?" Im still quite chubby at this weight and am still muffin topping over size 11 jeans When I get to 140lbs I will still fit into size 11 jeans but the muffin top should be gone Hard to believe I had to lose 30lbs in order to drop 1 pants size! But its true. I started weight watchers at 168lbs in size 13 jeans. When I got down to 140 last year, I was into size 11 :D 
well that's it for now I guess...


Heather-Lynn's note.
It Works! Does have a product for helping you stay regular. (it's called regular) But as always. If you have issue's or concerns of any kind it is best to consult a Dr.

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