Friday, 4 October 2013

Elle #2


(Gotta love her! pure honesty. way to go with your commitment!!)

So the other night when I thought I was having greasy grilled cheese, I ended up having fettucine alfreado. Because everytime i eat pasta, Im up a couple pounds overnight, I thought i'd try that recipe facebook had circulating with the sauce made out of cauliflower. To my surprise, it wasn't that bad. Its not cream sauce, and im spoiled with knowing what delicious, artery clogging cream sauce tastes like, but really, the cauliflower stuff wasn't bad. I give it an 8/10.
ANYWAYS, I took the fat fighters before I ate it. After that i proceeded to inhale a shit load of those "healthy" veggie straw chip like things. You know those ones? To my surprise the next morning I was only up .6 of a pound. Woo Hoo! At this point i am a firm believer of these fat pills. They truly are the "eat whatever you want" or "get out of jail free" cards in the food world.
Yesterday I ate my regular morning half of muffin, a pro fit shake for lunch. This time I put in a whole scoop in hopes it would be more tasty. Nope, with water it still kind of sucked. The logical answer to this issue would be to blend it into a yogurt smoothie or actually use milk. But no, Im too stubborn and want t eat the least amount of points to maximize my results. (when i get some more weight off I will sacrifice the points) So off to walmart I went to get anther bottle of vanilla extract. Be warned, the vanilla makes it slightly better, but not great. I even checked the points for cocoa. But i'd rather sacrifice the .6 of a point per serving eating dairy queen or something. Besides it starts out as .6 of a point, but really am I only going to put in 1 spoon? NO WAY! So all of a sudden im stuffing 3 pts of cocoa into my 2 pt shake.
For dinner, I actually ate 2 square pieces of peperoni pizza from littlel cesars. Not just regular pizza, but the square pizza that's all super thick crust! With fat fighters of course! This morning I was down 1 pound. I decided instead of mixing my greens with water mid morning, that today I will mix them into my coffee. BAD IDEA!! Its even grosser! But it could always be worse.
I have been using the it works lotion twice daily, in the morning and at night. Unless Ive wrapped, then i don't do the lotion at night. I did my 2nd wrap Tuesday so im due for another one. I will do that this morning I suppose.


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