Wednesday, 2 October 2013

And so, it begins!!

For my 90 day challenge I have had 2 brave women step forward and commit.  I would like to take a moment to introduce them!

My first brave soul we will call Elle I have wrapped her once before, and we got great results. She has decided to go with the "Fit pack vanilla" to start. Elle, has been following a point based weight loss system for a while, bt is looking to give it a bit if a boost. She has calculated the PROfit when mixed with water is 2 points and the greens when mixed with water is .2 according to the program she is following. Elle started using her fit pack a couple days ago.

 My second volunteer is Julie. She purchased the "Fit pack" as well (just in chocolate), and chose to add the thermofit to it. Julie has chosen to video diary her experience for us! She has in the past tried several different weightloss systems and haven't found one that has been successful for her. So I am excited to see how the It Works! System works for her. 

You can follow Julie by checking in here or following her you tube channel.

Please feel free to cheer these women on as they strive to find balance, health, and confidence in their lives!!

If there is anyone else who would like to join in please contact me at 705 876 8161. Or info@heather-Lynn.ca I love having your testimonials to share. Helping you reach your health and wellness goals helps me remember why I began with this fabulous company. 

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